As established in the Code of Ethics and Regulations of Ethical Conduct of the CIRES group, all people who work in the group have the responsibility of acting with integrity, transparency, commitment and respect for the law and its internal regulations, as well as the duty to cooperate to prevent any person from acting incorrectly or without integrity, actively promoting the communication of any possible irregularity or non-compliance.

The CIRES group is made up of the parent company Companhia Industrial de Resinas Sinteticas, CIRES, Lda. and its subsidiaries, including Compuestos y Granzas, S.A.U. Companhia Industrial de Resinas Sinteticas, CIRES, Lda approved the management policy of the Whistleblowing Channel for the CIRES group, the person responsible for it and the principles that govern it. In the case of CYGSA, this group policy is complemented by the management criteria for said complaints in compliance with Law 2/2023, included in the Management Procedure of the Compuestos y Granzas S.A.U. Complaint Channel.

The complaints channel is made available to all workers in the company, as well as third parties, whether they are suppliers, contractors, etc.

Any complaint regarding violations of the law in the scope of your professional activity or that involve a crime is the subject of communication through this channel.

The reporting channel guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the informant and any third party mentioned in the communication, and of the actions carried out in its processing, preventing access by unauthorized personnel. The provisions on personal data will be respected in accordance with the provisions of the law.

To make a report send an email to or click here.