A Commitment to Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

CYGSA Integrated Policy is based on 3 key points:

  • Meeting our customers’ quality needs and expectations.
  • Proactively protect the health and safety of our employees / collaborators.
  • Working for the minimization of aspects and the protection of the environment.

We are aware that success can only be achieved through hard work, undertaken in conjunction with customers and collaborators. As such, by striving each day and by following the guidelines detailed above, we are sure that we will be able to continue progressing and proposing new challenges for the future.

Registered company

Environmental management

Occupational safety and healt

Integrated Policy is available for the interested parties. You could ask for a copy through our contact section.

Adherence to the OCS program (Operation Clean Sweep)

CYGSA voluntarily adheres to the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) program, the purpose of which is to reduce the environmental impact caused by the loss of pellets in our daily operations.

This commitment has been translated into the establishment of a sustainability strategy that has resulted in a series of internal initiatives in line with the objective and philosophy of the OCS program, “zero pellets loss”.

CYGSA encourages all our collaborators, suppliers and customers, as fundamental parts of our value chain, to implement and promote these good practices that, without a doubt, will contribute to preventing the dissemination of pellets to the environment, the main objective of the OCS program.

Commitment to Sustainability

As part of the European PVC industry, at CYGSA we are equally committed to the conservation of the established objectives on sustainability.

As such, we work each day to establish the responsible use of additives and the minimization of environmental aspects.

Thanks to the support of our closest partners, we are able to adapt our formulas to reflect the changes that take place in the industry.

Commitment to Respect  for Human Rights

CYGSA, as part of the Shin-Etsu group, strictly complies with all laws and regulations, conducts fair business practices and contributes to people’s daily lives as well as to the advance of industry and society by creating value through the provision of key materials and technologies.

The foundation of this is respect for human rights.

Each of the group companies respects the human rights of each and every person permanently according to the international code of ethics and actively promotes measures to ensure this.

To view the complete group policy click here.


“Spanish and Sustainable Plastics Industry” Brand Certification

CYGSA is the first composites manufacturer to obtain the “Plastics Industry” brand.
Spanish and Sustainable” that ANAIP has just awarded in the 3-star category.

Obtaining this seal represents one more example of the efforts that the company is undertaking year after year to try to be a reference company in the sector, and whose commitment to the environment at both an economic, social and environmental level is undeniable. Sustainability is an absolute priority for the group, which is why they continue to work towards responsible consumption that allows environmental balance and economic growth.

The creation and promotion of this certification demonstrates the importance of the industry
of plastics at the national level, as well as its circularity and sustainability.

To view the certificate click here.