This project has been aproved by the Ministry of Economy, under the programme “RETOS COLABORACIÓN”. Development of PVC compounds for the construction sector, using recycled material. Important goals have already been achieved.

This project, participated also by Technological Centre Lurederra, promotes the sustainability trough the use of plastics coming from end products which are in the end of their life cycle.

The scope is to develop new PVC recipes with recycled PVB for the construction sector, through the following approaches:

  • To develop a new range of products, based on the use of high performance recycled materials, in order to obtain elements at a highly competitive price, surpassing commercial alternatives existing in the market, due to strong limitations in terms of low mechanical properties, no good adhesion with substrate, and with problems of cost, availability and restrictions of use.
  • To promote the recycling of PVB. Nowadays, the waste of PVB is incinerated or deposited on dumping sites. With this project, PVB becomes as a clean material, very useful for these formulations.
  • To reduce the environmental impact through the use of recycled alternatives, which could mean a reduction around 20% of greenhouse gases.